Many people believe that “the best way to predict your future is to create it” (Peter F. Ducker).This is also what Fournarakis brothers believed and achieved, together with their passion for the sea. After all they live in Greece, which is a maritime nation since ancient times.

In 1993, while they were in their early thirties, being married and the parents of seven children, the three brothers from Piraeus decided to sail to the deep waters of the shipping industry, and specifically to get involved in the salvage & towage field. The decision of starting their own business took shape immediately since they had the capital and experience but also because they were provoked by the challenges of the risky shipping business.

Their first investment took place in 1993 when they purchased T/B “AGIOS FANOURIOS” 600 HP together with a floating crane. Even though the industry was very competitive, they achieved to create a good reputation and since all of them worked hard being the crew of their own vessels they faced the challenges at first hand. In 1996, a new-build tug boat named “AGIOS NIKOLAOS”, 800 HP, which was built entirely in Greece, became the new addition to the company fleet. What brought the change in the company was tug boat “AGIA TRIAS”, 1.500 HP, 24 tones bollard pull, fitted out with firefighting equipment and capable of performing voyages overseas. As a result, the company managed to get a noteworthy market share in the towing business of the medium sized vessels in the Mediterranean Sea. In 2004, despite the economic crisis in shipbuilding, the company invested in a new building tug boat S/T “ARCHAGGELOS”, 1.342 HP which was built in Piraeus and fortunately, it was a successful project since it helped the purchase of S/T “PANTODYNAMOS” ex “FAIRPLAY XIV”, 4.000 HP. This last tug boat increased the company’s market share in international towing.

During the last two consecutive decades the company had under its ownership, a total of fifteen tugs covering a wide range of HP and BP, including harbor tugs and open sea tugs. But when the economic crisis hit Greece they managed to come up with a “rescue” plan that safeguarded the company’s strong position in the international market, while leaving the domestic market which ceased to be promising and attractive. The company, by concentrating in the international market managed to increase its profitability.

Today, while keeping the “family – first” business model since the majority of the employees of the company are the descendants of the owners – which is also a Greek tradition that fades through time – Diavlos Salvage & Towage continues after 22 years of operation with the renewal of its fleet and its loyal customers as well as suppliers being always by their side.