Safety, reliability and strong family ties have always been the three core values for Diavlos Salvage & Towage Ltd. which is a company founded by the brothers Alexandros, Theodosios and Ioannis Fournarakis in 1993. The company continues its successful route to the top because of the experience gained from the demanding projects in salvage as well as towage operations that has led the company to be a significant player in offshore marine services.
Here in Diavlos Salvage & Towage we see our clients’ satisfaction as a priority, while our office employees aim to continuously develop and retain our competitive advantage that is high-quality services and always a smooth cooperation.
What is more, we believe that it is very important to always keep track of the worldwide market and its updates in order to be always one step ahead from our competitors.
Our high quality S&T services are offered through our fully equipped vessels as well as trained and qualified crew, ready for the most challenging projects, who are provided by a leading, high standard crew agency. We also ensure that our company’s practices follow the international regulations in order to protect and respect the environment.
Our company also the recent years successfully provides full management services to any third party interested.